On the footprint of “The Medici Family”

After meeting with our local guide, the tour will be done on foot, to be able to admire the wonders of the city up close.

The tour of this wonderful city will begin after meeting our local guide, who will begin by showing you the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella which, thanks to its majestic facade, is certainly one of the most beautiful churches in all of Florence. Important works of the Renaissance in the museum inside.

The itinerary to discover Florence continues towards Piazza del Duomo, to admire the Cathedral of Santa Marie del Fiore (the Duomo), the symbol of the Tuscan capital.

Built in the 13th century, it is one of the most important religious buildings in Italy. Recognizable to all of us for the famous Brunelleschi’s Dome, Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the greatest works of art of the Italian heritage, preserving, over the centuries, that charm that still manages to enchant anyone who sees it.

On the right side of the Cathedral it is possible to admire Giotto’s Bell Tower which with its 84.70 meters high (and its 414 steps) represents the greatest work of Florentine Gothic architecture of the fourteenth century.

In front of the Duomo of Florence is the Baptistery of San Giovanni, entirely covered with slabs of green and white Prato marble and covered by a dome decorated inside with precious, beautiful mosaics.

The Baptistery is also embellished with 3 entrance doors: the South Gate (the oldest), the North Gate and the Paradise Gate (also known as Michelangelo’s).

Then along Via dei Calzaiuoli, the visit proceeds to Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio (now the seat of the Municipality of Florence); the Loggia dei Lanzi which was created to host public assemblies but which during the 1500s became an exhibition space for masterpieces of sculpture.

Just a few steps away and here is the Uffizi Gallery, a must for anyone visiting Florence. The most important works of Italian art are exhibited inside the museum.

A generous stop to taste the famous “Florentine steak” and other specialties that the traditional cuisine offers, is a must! You will do it in a welcoming, typical and unforgettable place, which will make you appreciate even more the emotion that the atmosphere of this magical city arouses in visitors.

The tour continues towards the Lungarno, to admire the Ponte Vecchio

Among the most loved and admired symbols of Florence by tourists from all over the world, the Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in the Tuscan capital and crosses the Arno river at its narrowest point. This bridge has the particularity of being almost completely closed on the sides: in fact only in the central part of the crossing is it possible to have a romantic view of the Arno, while the rest of the view is covered by the famous goldsmith shops, built “cantilevered” on the river, almost as if they were falling into the water.

Crossing the Ponte Vecchio we reach Palazzo Pitti, one of the most elegant and elegant buildings in Florence. Behind Palazzo Pitti are the Boboli Gardens: the green lung of the city, they are not just gardens, but an authentic monumental park.

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