At the Osteria Bonodinulla local products and traditional recipes combine to make a truly satisfying dining experience. From a quick meal to a formal dinner. From the romantic evening, to the aperitif after work.

Since it’s inception two years ago on Pistoia’s centrally located Piazza della Sala, Osteria Bonodinulla has dedicated itself to the best of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Shunning the latest trends and contrivances of modern cuisine, our menu is a selection of traditional dishes, some known, some rediscovered, all prepared in harmony with the seasons. Our fruit and vegetables are purchased by our chefs directly from the daily market that populates the Piazza. They’re chosen for their freshness and prepared with the goal of retaining their pure flavor and aroma.

In the two rooms that welcome customers, one of which was realized in the original medieval cellar, guests of the Osteria Bonodinulla can feel at home, from breakfast to dinner. The Osteria is also the perfect ambience for a coffee or an aperitif outdoors, at our tables that populate the square. And our exclusive view of the Baptistery is a must see. The Osteria is also an ideal place to arrange a business lunch or dinner enhanced by our enchanting view of the city.

Our 5 kinds of bread

Leavenings of at least 24 hours, our own sourdough starter renewed and refreshed every day, the very best  flour and skillful kneading….a  family tradition that makes Giuntini bread unique and irresistible with every bite.

At Bonodinulla we bake our bread as tradition calls for fresh every morning including Sunday,…. and we bake it on-premises before the eyes of our customers.

We produce 6 different types of bread, to satisfy all tastes: white without salt, wholemeal, salted semolone, multigrain, white with red pepper, and white with walnuts.

White without salt

White without salt is the traditional bread of tuscan cuisine…it is by far the most popular bread among Pistoians. Paradoxically the absence of salt makes it ideal for discerning the aroma and flavor of our rustic flour and long leavening. Excellent as an accompaniment on the table, it is the ideal bread to eat with Tuscan salumi and it is often a protagonist in Tuscan soups and pâtés. It’s also wonderful as a base for “crostini” with chicken liver patè, a local specialty. Toasting further enhances the bread’s distinct flavour…a flavour that is the essence of this land.

Whole wheat

A bread for those who prefer the wholesomeness of wholemeal flour rich in bran, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Consequently it’s an excellent bread for those attentive to health and nutrition. The wheat bran flavor of this bread is ideal for serving with honey and dried fruit.


Although it’s a staple in southern Italian cuisine, we use semolone in our variety of salted bread, a bread characterized by a tangy taste and soft pale yellow color. Made with 100% re-milled semolone it is a bread dedicated to lovers of ambre grained durum wheat. The addition of salt rounds out it’s flavor. This bread is goes especially well with seasoned raw vegetables, such as ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and oregano.


Over time, multigrain bread has become our hallmark. Intensely dark with a compact consistency, our multi grain bread has all the richness of a balanced mix of cereals: wheat flour, rye, corn, sunflower, soy and barley make it unforgettable. In Germany they describe beer as a liquid bread, our multi grain is the type of bread they’re talking about with it’s distinct flavor of malt from wheat, rye and toasted wheat.

Red Pepper Bread

Our very aromatic and piquant crushed red pepper bread is made for those who love strong intense flavors. It’s at it’s best in the form of small crunchy croutons for Tuscan soups made with beans or farro but it also goes well with creamy cheeses, mozzarella or burrata. It’s a wonderful addition to the bread basket of a richly laid table ….but some choose it mainly to test its aphrodisiac qualities ...!