The marble quarries experience

Duration: about 5 hours

Excursion to the Carrara marble quarries to learn about the geological origin of this material, the history of excavation and transport methods and visit a sculpture workshop where you can see the marble artisans at work.


Meeting with the guide-driver and departure for the marble basins of Carrara, the largest in the world.

Along the way we stop in the most panoramic places in the area, we climb up to (almost) 1000 m. high to see (on working days and from a safe place) the marble quarries in the open. Surrounded by the imposing marble mountains it will be easier to understand the geological origin of Carrara marble and enjoy the breathtaking views that are unique in the world.

At the end, we visit the Quarry Museum, a historical exhibition of tools and machinery that helps to understand how, in ancient times, the excavation and transport of marble took place.

To end the excursion, visit a sculpture workshop to see the marble artisans at work (closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday) and learn about the tools and methods used to create a marble sculpture.

Visit to Colonnata, an ancient village of quarrymen and home of the famous lard. Lunch break in the larderia with a menu based on a selection of lard, vegetable pies, local cold cuts and cheeses, desserts, water and wine.

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