About Us

About Us

The Piazza Della Sala where the Residence Battistero is located was the square where justice was administrated in ancient times
(sala consiliarum). Over time, buildings rose on it’s margins including three 13th century houses, buildings which today are the place and origin of the Residence Battistero d’Epoca and the Osteria Bonodinulla. The Residence and the Osteria are therefore situated in the most ancient heart of the city of Pistoia, between the sacred Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Piazza della Sala, which today is the center of the city’s daily outdoor market.

After a long and careful restoration of the building in which it’s housed, The Osteria Bonodinulla was opened in 2015 by Roberto Cappellini and Nicola Giuntini  owners of two family run, century old  companies known for their production of quality food products. In 2017 they added the Residence Battistero after another  meticulous renovation. You can often see Nicola and Roberto bustling around the tables of the Osteria advising guests on the menu and recounting anecdotes about our city. Sara, Brigjilda and Elisa alternate at the reception, to welcome you and help you throughout your stay.





The Giuntini Family

Founded in 1873 by Silvio Giuntini a legend in the town for his for his bread making skills as well as for his imposing stature (he was nicknamed “Silvione”…big Silvio). His bakery continues to this day, still owned by the Giuntini family and still located in Quarrata a city situated between Pistoia and Florence. His influence is ever present: the entire neighborhood where the bakery stands officially bears his name, “Silvione”. 6 generations have succeeded him, keeping alive his passion for quality breads and cakes: Dario and his wife Giulia, their son Amedeo and his wife Maria who, although a widow with three young children, at the age of only 33 took charge of the management of the bakery, their son Franco and his wife Maria Luisa who in 1959 built the new headquarters, their son Nicola and his wife Antonella, their sons Jonathan and Tommaso, who continue the family tradition to this day.

Through the years the bakery has seen two world wars, the rise of fascism, the end of a kingdom, and the birth of the republic, accompanied by great social transformations, always evolving and adapting, surviving family tragedies and economic crises such as the depression 1929 and rationing during the War. It is a rich heritage of history, experience and passion that every night is livened again with yeast, water and flour turning out a unique bread to savor from the first to the last bite. A heritage that the Panificio Giuntini jealously guards as if it were a treasure, a treasure worth preserving for future generations.

The Cappellini Family

It was in 1878 when the young Jacopo Niccolai took over the management of the spice shop in which he worked as an apprentice, and then bought shortly thereafter. The shop was located at the Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia, just behind the 14th century Baptistery which has been the hub of social life in the city since the Middle Ages. Although coffee was a rather rare product for the time, Jacopo developed sought after blends for his shop, by roasting imported Arabica beans. Even the toasting machines used at that time, mostly charcoal, were a rarity.

Then, in the period between the two world wars, coffee consumption became ever more popular and the Pistoia based store, which in the meantime also became a liquor laboratory, became a destination for buyers coming in from nearby towns. In the post-war period the company also began selling to local shops and coffee bars. Today the Cappellini’s coffee roasting facilities are part of the Union of Italian historical enterprises, of which only companies of excellence with at least 100 years of documented history and good business practices are permitted to join.