Oasis of relax

Awaken your senses with our in-room massage service

Welcome to the enchanting world of relaxation at Residenza Il Battistero in Pistoia,
where every touch is an art and every moment is dedicated to your well-being.
We invite you to explore our exclusive in-room massage service,
an experience that transforms your room into a sanctuary of serenity.
In the warm atmosphere of the residence, our team takes care of every detail,
ensuring that you can fully surrender to well-being.

Let yourself be enveloped by luxury and tranquility during your stay. Book our
massage treatment in the room and give yourself the gift of unparalleled serenity.
The chargetakes place directly in the room, without the need for cash.
Choose from our range of exclusive treatments, from muscle massage to total body relaxation,
specifically designed to adapt to your mood and your physical needs.

To make the experience even more irresistible, we offer you two massage options with
following prices:

Goodbye stress 40′ €60,00: Muscle massage with essential oil for legs and
– Total body relax 1h €80.00: Full body massage legs, feet, back, neck and arms
with essential oil.

In addition, we have thought of special packages to ensure a prolonged serenity:

– Farewell to stress 40′ €150,00: Package of 3 massages.
– Total body relaxation 1h €200.00: Package of 3 massages.

Book now your wellness ritual at Residenza II Battistero and treat yourself
an experience of luxury and total relaxation.

Tel: + 39 0573 079220