Italian Pop Art revives in Pistoia: an artistic journey between past and present

60 years later, the Pistoia Musei Foundation inaugurates the 60 Pop Art Italia exhibition, curated by Walter Guadagnini, with the intention of retracing the events and the evolution of Italian Pop Art.
The exhibition will take place at Palazzo Buontalenti, from Saturday, March 16 to Sunday, July 14, presenting over 70 masterpieces, some of which have been loaned by important national museums and private collections. An extraordinary opportunity to re-evaluate unjustly forgotten artists, such as Antonio Titone and Ettore Innocente, and to celebrate the names that made the history of Italian art of those years, including Mario Schifano, Tano Festa, Franco Angeli and Mimmo Rotella.

An unmissable event that is not limited to being a simple retrospective, but is proposed as a journey through the Italian cities that have played a key role in the spread of Pop Art. From Rome to Milan, passing through Turin, Venice and Palermo, the exhibition highlights how this metropolitan phenomenon, born in London in 1956 and developed between New York, Los Angeles and Europe, has found fertile ground in Italy, thanks to the commitment of artists, galleries, critics and magazines in the sector.

Antonio Marrese, president of the Pistoia Musei Foundation, emphasizes the importance of “scientific paths that at the same time open the artistic heritage truly to everyone”, highlighting the objective of making art accessible and stimulating a reflection on its role in contemporary society.

Staying in the charm of our period residence, on weekends between Friday and Sunday, until July 14, anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the history of Italian art, will also have the opportunity to receive a free ticket for the exhibition, discovering how Pop Art has influenced not only the national, but also the international artistic landscape, establishing itself as one of the main artistic expressions of the twentieth century.

Tickets subject to availability.

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