Baptistery of San Giovanni in the court, a treasure of curiosity and history in front of the Historical Residence The Baptistery

There is a reason why our residence is called the ‘Bactistery’. In fact, our rooms overlook exactly this historic monument, precisely at the back of it, within a more sheltered and intimate internal courtyard, perfect for those looking for tranquility and history at the same time.

Located next to the Cathedral of San Zeno, the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Corte is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Built in 1337 on a project by Andrea Pisano, it impresses with its white and green striped facade, made with Carrara marble and Prato green marble, a distinctive symbol of Tuscan architecture.

The Baptistery’s octagonal plan represents regeneration and rebirth, while the “Gate of Paradise”, adorned with intricate biblical bas-reliefs, introduces visitors to a sacred environment. Inside, a sixteenth-century baptismal bath emphasizes the spiritual function of the place, also characterized by exceptional acoustics, ideal for musical events.

The Pistoia Baptistery is not only an architectural monument, but a treasure trove of history and curiosity that tells the cultural and religious evolution of the city. Visiting it means taking a journey through time, exploring the rich heritage of Pistoia and what better opportunity to visit it than to stay in front of it?

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